Do you use aluminium foil to cook?

When you use it to cook, the aluminium is released into your food which is very problematic for your health and your family’s. This is specifically dangerous when cooking at very high temperatures or if food has high acidity and/or is spicy. The human body can excrete some of the aluminum we intake but the… Continue reading Do you use aluminium foil to cook?

How to Teach Kids Home Chores

A great way to prepare your kids for independence and future lifestyle is to teach them how to help, doing basic home chores. The easiest way is to probably make a chart with all the easier home cleaning and m tidying-up chores, and mark each of the family member’s name (and chose them according to… Continue reading How to Teach Kids Home Chores

Healthy Father’s Day

For Father’s day this year, try taking a healthier celebration approach. If you are like our family, you will probably enjoy the day together watching the World Cup. Some ideas and tips this year: – Ditch the fatty, game food and opt instead for a cheese or veggie flatbread with some homemade tomato sauce. If… Continue reading Healthy Father’s Day

Home Detox

Right around the time of Spring cleaning, it seems like a good idea to clean everything, from bad habits, to the closet, to our diet… specially with summer coming right around the corner. This could be a perfect opportunity not just to do a body detox, but also a home detox. Did you know that… Continue reading Home Detox

The Healthy Habit to adopt First

When trying to be healthy, reading articles, looking at social media and following health influencers can be a little intense and confusing… We hear one day it’s better to fast, the next one that it’s best to have 5 small meals a day… should we do high intensity training? Cardio? Low intensity training or power… Continue reading The Healthy Habit to adopt First